Illustration of proposals including floor spaces


Backyard Cinema transports audiences to new and exciting worlds to enjoy their favourite films like never before. By changing the nostalgic set builds inspired by the films we all love seasonally, these time-limited shows harness the excitement of a pop-up event at a location our customers can return to time and time again. From space travel to tropical beaches, it is more than just the movies. 

The proposed venue on Evelyn Street would create Lewisham’s first immersive cinema experience to bring all the fun of the films to Deptford, as well as a whole range of benefits for the community by renovating the building for ‘meanwhile use’ for a temporary period of seven years.

Three cinema screens

The surrounding warehouses will be split into spaces for three cinema screens and associated ‘experience’ areas, with themed cinema snack bars for you to enjoy when watching films. Each screen and associated space will have its own theme which changes seasonally once a year from summer to winter.

Box office space

The central warehouse space would be used for the site Box Office and information centre, where customers can exchange their e-tickets and get information about show times and the site layout.

Food and drinks area

This central warehouse space will also include a food and drinks area for customers to enjoy their food from vendors trading from street food trucks, as well as a mezzanine area and stage for small live performances.

A new office for Backyard Cinema

The site also has a two-storey office block on the front of the building. Backyard Cinema plan to move their entire team here and use the site as their London Headquarters. This block will include office desks, meeting rooms, a kitchen shower and bathroom facilities and storage.

New jobs on-site

Currently, there is one full-time job on the site and a handful of part time jobs. We would look to support almost 180 full-time jobs on site, a massive improvement that responds to the need for jobs in the local area.

Overhead cutaway view of what the screens and outside area could look like.

Potential outside view of the walkway leading to the food area and Box Office.

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