Huntsman House is a detached self-contained warehouse fronted by a two- storey brick built office unit existing office/warehouse building located at 2 Evelyn Street, Deptford.

The site is located in a predominantly residential area with some business uses nearby, and to the north of the site is a McDonalds restaurant and a large Aldi supermarket.

There are a number of town centre uses including restaurants and shops located within 400 metres of the site, centred on the junction of Lower Road with Plough Lane.

The site is currently occupied by an art distribution company, which is relocating, and also currently supports only one full-time job on the site.  


The proposal includes renovating the building for ‘meanwhile use’ for a temporary period of seven years.

The site is located within a defined Local Employment Location (LEL).

Under the New Local Plan, the site is also within the Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ), recognising the presence of significant clusters of creative and cultural industries.

Images of the site as it currently is today